Kyffin and Colour

Highgate School: Night at the Museum. 13th Annual Kyffin Williams Lecture (February 2021)

Sources and further reading.
This bibliography is not intended as an exhaustive literature survey, but as a selection of detailed gateways into the main topics raised during the talk. I apologise for any non-open source links and hope that those without (free) access to the journals involved will be able to use the information available to find information that is free.

Advice on health issues raised during the presentation

Epilepsy Advice and Information
(Epilepsy Action Helpline call 0808 800 5050)

Colour Blindness Advice and Information

Kyffin Williams
This lecture was not intended to be a discussion of the art of Kyffin, but his work is portrayed widely on the web. His autobiography was published in 1973.
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Oriel Môn
William Roos Exhibition (2020)
William Roos (1808-1878)

Epilepsy and Colour Perception
Judge Dewi Watkin Powell meeting with KW. (from early 1960s). pers comm Nia Watcyn Powell
Comment on KW. use of colour. Gareth Parry.

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Evolution of color vision
Evolution of color vision in primates

Atypical Humans
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  Opponent process
  Color vision
  Visual phototransduction
  Metamerism (color)
  Color constancy
  The dress

Colour Technology
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  Color term
  Color wheel

Colour Physics and History
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  Blue-green distinction in language

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